Retrato de Genís Béjar

Genís Béjar is born in Barcelona, in January 1977. From a very early age shows an unusual intuition and ability regarding manual therapies which brought him to study “quiromasaje” at the age of 16 at “ferrandiz institute”, the youngest of the students so far.
As soon as the the age allows it, enters the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O), University of Wales, England, Graduating in 2001.


He spends his first few years as an osteopath in Ireland, the in Paris, and finally returns to Barcelona, his home town. During almost 20 years of experience, has always shown a strong interest for teaching, both teaching other professionals as well as manifesting an inexhaustible passion for learning any discipline for the welfare of the human being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


Currently he combines both activities, osteopathy as a therapist; And imparts his own courses as an alternative form of healing using the mind as the main tool. Courses, words expressed by Genís himself, inspired by his patients, who have taught him the keys to stop suffering through their own suffering.


Academic Background


2016-2017: Postgrade on Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).


2014: Laughter Yoga Certificate Leader Training. With Ananda Das. Barcelona. Spain.


2009-2012:  A Biodynamic View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field. Phases 1,2, 4 of 7. With Christian Sullivan. Tarragona, Spain.


May 2008:  Attendance to the 1st International Osteopathy Congress in Barcelona. Spain.


July 2001:  D.O. in Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O.) University of Wales. England.


1997-2001: Full time degree in osteopathy at the E.S.O. Maidstone, England.


Summer 1993: Curse of massage at “Ferrandiz School” in Barcelona. Spain.



Profesional Background


2017-present: Private practice in Barcelona.


2016-present: Creation and delivery of the course “stop being your own enemy” in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.


2007-2016:  Private practice. C/ Aragó 50, Barcelona


2015:  Part time Collaboration at Robin Hill Fertility Clinic as cranial osteopath. Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. Member of the O.C.I. (osteopathic council of Ireland)


2013:  Creation and delivery of seasonal workshops. Every season of the year has its function, and our body follows the seasons as if its fruit were treated with activations of certain organs in each season. Work focused on each organ; Its emotion, its relationship with the mind, and their subsequent release through conscious movement and adequate nourishment.


2013:  Conscious movement Weekly workshops; Teach tools to the patient to learn how to improve their physical pain in a conscious way. Conscious creative movement, dancing, coordinating complex movements, stretching and ending with a final guided relaxation.


2008-2013:  Teacher of Cranial osteopathy. Postgrad level for Medical professionals. University Ramon Llull. Barcelona. Spain.


2007-2009:  Head division of cranial osteopathy department in Mataró Hospital. “Consorci sanitari del maresme”. Barcelona. Pilot scheme with “servei català de la salut” unity of natural therapies. Mataró. Spain.


Summer 2006:  Assistant osteopath at LOCC (Lanka Osteopathic Center for Children). Sri Lanka.


Sept. 2005-2010:  Osteopath at Physiotherapy Centre “Les Pedreres”, C/ Sol, 26. Bajos. Girona. Spain.


Dic. 2003-2007: Osteopath. At Dr. Mir medical centre. Calle Balmes, 299. 4º 1ª. Barcelona. Spain.


Oct. 2003-May 2005:  Assistant at C.O.F (Collège Osteopathique Français), París. France.


Nov. 2003-August 2005: Osteopath. Gabinete of osteopathy of Karl Doric, París. France. Member of the R.O.F. (Registre des Osteopates Francais)


August 2001-July 2003: Osteopath at “Teresa Kelly´s” in Cork (Ireland). Village green house. Douglas west. Douglas village. Cork. Member of the GOSC. (General Osteopathic Council).


Member o the R.O.E (Spanish Register of Osteopathy) from 2005.





Catalán and Spanish native.


English High level.


French High level.