¿What is osteopathy?

It is a philosophy of live.

It is a Body wholistic approach.

Osteopathy is the science and the art of diagnosing and treating human body tissue mobility dysfunctions that lead to disorders and disturb the wellbeing. Osteopathy uses a series of manual techniques inspired by the body anatomy, physiology, and the self healing mechanisms.

It is governed by a series of principles by which we can understand the mecanismos of disease as well as the mechanisms that lead to healing.


  • The body is a functional unity.
  • The relationship structure governs function is bidirectional.
  • The body has the innate capacity to self repair.
  • Disease appears if the body looses the capacity to self regulate and self repair.
  • Fluid movement is essential for health maintenance.
  • The nervous system plays an essential role in connection and integration of all body functions.

¿What can it solve?

It is a little pretentious to say that it solves things, as its is the body who solves things after all. But to make it clear: when the body loses the ability to self adjust, the osteopath studies the causes, assesses the agents contributing to the cause, and finally develops and implements an action plan that will lead the system back to balance. It also plays an important role in prevention.

It can be helpful in cases of:

  • Musculoskeletal aches and pains.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Fibromialgia.
  • Mechanical disorders.
  • Circulation problems.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Allergies.
  • Nervous system disorders and all the secondary effects (stress, migraines, insomnio…).
*there is not one symptom that is not caused by an autonomic nervous system disorder or preceded/accompanied by inflammation.


  • Pre and post surgery.
  • Symptoms secondary to dental extracts, implants…
  • Preparation for childbirth.
  • Infertility.
  • Anxiety.

How I work

I like to approach the patient in the most open possible way, so I start with the body; the posture, physical activity… then nutrition. They are external potential factors that can throw the system out of balance if done wrong, so I make sure that are clearly understood and carried out. To finish I observe, analyze and understand the patient´s mental process to be able to help in the unconscious proceses.

Mechanics.The endless articular gears the body has must have a certain sense to it, a symmetry, and ideally maintain a balance that does not consume excessive energy in its adaptation.

The line of gravity.It is an imaginary line that traverses the center of the body. It can be misaligned by posture, weight, age, mechanical adaptations … When there is a good posture the physical effects of gravity are evenly distributed over the structures, causing the least tension on them. In the opposite case aches pains and all sort of symptoms may appear.

Movement.We have all heard that life is movement. Well, the opposite is death. I recommend movement as a vital need; just like eating or breathing. The body needs movement, why do you thing it has so many gears? Gears that govern organs, meridians, … It’s all too interrelated to lead a sedentary life. Exercise resembles a polypill: reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stress level, it is an excellent glycemic regulator, muscle contraction brings numerous beneficial natural drugs for all ages … The list is endless. And it’s free.

Did you know that taking an orange juice daily can  can have a effect on your stomach ph and its digestive capacities? Did you know that constipation can alter your state of mind and your mood?

Did you know that the intestinal microbiota is essential in immune development and its function vital in human health?

Did you know that stress increases cortisol levels? and that bacteria respond to its inevitable neuroendocrine cascade?  and therefore it is more likely to catch infections because of the relationship with the immune system?

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet because of its high content of polyphenols (that reduce pro inflammatory substances) improves the insulin sensitivity of people with obesity?

In recent years the number of patients suffering from pains whose causes or perpetuating factors are due to poor diet has grown.

This has led me to investigate and learn how to turn food into an ally of the healing process.

The mind reads the information that comes from the outside world, reads it and interprets it simultaneously and it eventually concludes and acts.

For example, stress is not real, it is an effect of mind interpretation. And stress is the cause of most ailments.

In consultation I like to help the person see herself from the outside, so that through self observation, is able to perceive, far from the subjective state of mind, what happens and to be able, from the awareness of the moment present, change what is changeable.

It is your fault 🙂

Do not let the the heading put you off, please carry on reading, over 80% of my patients fall into these category.

You already know the inseparable Body-mind union, today we can easily addd emotions, and the spirit.

Everybody comes to the practice looking for somebody that can get rid of their pain, like if their pain was a separate entity, like it if had nothing to do with them. The pain, your pain, is part of you, it is an unconscious expression of your being that is complaining because you were not aware of the signs before it arrived. Pain is not something useless, it is the end result of your unconscious behavior, there fore is a master.

If you come to see me for either mental, or emotional reasons, of course unconscious, or simply because of a bad life management, it is highly positive that you accept or gain awareness of your responsibility  so you try to be a participant part on your healing process. You better not depend blindly on the outside world, because doctors, books, can get it wrong. But if you learn to listen to yourself you will never get it wrong.

Excuse the little jolt, but it is very therapeutic  to turn one´s eyes to oneself. Of course i can help in situations like these, and I always do it, my only intention it to put across that once you are aware and a participant of the situation, there will come a time that we will take care of our pains both slowing down their appearance, or even stopping its emergence. Although if you fall down the stairs or have a car accident, or similar, you will need something/somebody external to fix it. Otherwise the osteopathic profession would disappear. 😉


The body is our vehicle: we fuel it daily, we rest every “x” kilometers … but we will have to check it from time to time, right? Better to undergo a periodic review than to wait for it to have a breakdown.

I personally use osteopathic services since I was 17 years old. For me it represents a system reset when I am overloaded. It is a way of re-establishing the original state of peace and balance.

  • Avoid stress or learn how to deal with it.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Respect your center of gravity.
  • Change your negative mental habits.
  • Move!
  • Nurture yourself with coherence.
  • Sleep well.