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My reasons:

To help, to motivate, to inspire, to share, to learn, to teach, to Awaken and to enjoy every single part of it.


The world suffers:

Theres is something that we all have in common; We all want to stop suffering.


Must of us suffer due to a lack of self-awareness: we are not conscious of being the owners of a mind that decides no mater what at any time. We could say that your mind owes you.


I have spent the last 20 years observing beings lying down on a bench. Some express anger against the world, others against themselves, some are sad but have no idea why, some are scared, some are lost, some blame others for their misery…and funny enough they all come for some physical pain.


The majority of people are not fully aware of The strong connection between mind and body to the point that if the mind suffers so does the body. And then they invest their money trying to find a quick fix, they want to stop the suffering immediately, without being involved directly, without knowing were it came from. In occasions the suffering may go away, indeed. But it will very likely come back if we do not understand and work the mind field. When you are the boss of your mind, you are the boss of your emotions, and that is the key to stop suffering… and getting sick.


To be honest, suffering has been an inspiration and a Great teacher in all the curses I teach.


Thank you Suffering.


Buda once said” Not even the worst of your enemies can Hurt you as much as your own mind”.


The mind is the cause of all suffering and your mind Will free yourself from it. But to do that we must know how it works, and as much as driving, or talk English or multiplying we must first learn how to do it and then integrate it.


“Stop being your own enemy” is an intensive seminar which includes both theoretical hints in which one can see the mind as a creator of emotions and reality, and experiential exercises where one can practice observation, comprehension and a final transformation that can lead us to wellbeing.


If you attend the course, you will take with you a clearer understanding of your own and your fellows mental and emotional mechanisms, and very useful resources to intercept the origin of suffering, stop it from turning into disease and use the mind in more powerful and constructive ways.


The innovative aspect about this seminar lies in the elasticity and the immense openness from which it is approached. Over the years I have analyzed mechanisms of moderns minds; impatient, Slippery… and with all this information, I have tried to bring forward the most effective tools for its reprograming. Whatever works is worth trying. You do not have to limit yourself to one and only way, just be open to experience a reality with no suffering.


If you are rather skeptical: great! Because that is what took me to search for answers. If faith is what turns you on: that is great too! Because that is what drives me at present to provide these techniques and knowledge to those who are looking for it.


Stop being your own enemy lasts one day an a half. It si normally taught during weekends. For private courses (companies, and others—-) 15 people minimum required.

More information will be available soon.

More information will be available soon.

Upcoming seminars:


Stop being your own enemy - Barcelona - Nov. 2016 - Done
Stop being your own enemy - Barcelona - April 2017 - Done
Stop being your own enemy - Barcelona - July 2017 - Done
Stop being your own enemy - Mallorca - 16, 17 September 2017 - Done